And still I rise…

I am painfully aware that Maya Angelou's poem is all about the African-American Civil Rights struggle, and would never want to fall in the trap of cultural appropriation to make a point, after all I have not had my dignity and rights as a human being thrashed or denied ... nevertheless her words resonate so much with me as a woman, the defiance, ever rising against adversity and so the reason for the quote.

Counting days

10k medal

Finally today has also been a reminder of how awful this grieving process is. If the only way people can understand grief is to experience the loss of a loved one I wish I had a superpower that allowed me to stop anyone ever to have to go through it.

I’m a zebra

Severe fatigue for me means that I wake up in the morning feeling as if I am drunk. Now if you don't know me you would probably assume that I've been on the bottle and therefore shouldn't be complaining about the side effects of indulging in a drink too many; however the truth is that I hardly ever drink.

The route

So here's the route for 10 Miles for Neuroendocrine Cancer. There are three versions: A static version, which is simply as screenshot of the route A dynamic version, with many thanks to MapMyRun© And a step by step description of the route   Static version You might be able to right click and save the … Continue reading The route

10 Miles For Neuroendocrine Cancer

10 November is Neuroendocrine Cancer Day and to mark it I will be running ten miles between my two local hospitals dressed in zebra print

#WearSomethingYellow day

Friday 17th June is "wear something yellow day" to raise awareness of the great work hospices do in looking after patients with life limiting and terminal illnesses as well as their families. I will be doing my bit by wearing something yellow; watch this space!

Running for survival

Realising that cancer has no qualms in attacking the body, destroying the soul, testing relationships and distorting all that resembles normality, I decided to run for survival...

Runner’s envy

Another year of the London Marathon and as I watched on TV and tracked my running friends online I felt what is known as 'runner's envy'. Searching the internet I couldn't find an official definition for runner's envy, so I am going to describe it as: The desire or longing felt by runners when witnessing … Continue reading Runner’s envy