I doubt I can continue with this obsession
It consumes my every thought encompassing every emotion
It is plunging me into an ocean
of despair, sorrow, pain and commotion

Please leave now
before it’s too late,
you are not free to love me, hold my hand, console me

You’ve tied yourself round me, like a rope attached to an anchor
I don’t want this anymore, leave now
You no longer astound me

Sin rima

¿Y dime por qué
te extraño tanto?
en la llovizna
cuando está nevando
Sin razón, sin rima
¿Por qué te extraño tanto?

¿Por qué te extraño tanto?
en el café, chismeando
Sin razón, sin rima

Dime, dime, dime
¿Por qué?
Extraño tanto
Tu manera gentil,
Tus ojos, tus labios

Aquí estoy, preguntando
¿Por qué?
Amore mio
Sin razón, sin rima
Te extraño tanto

No rhyme

So tell me why do I miss you?
When it’s cold
When it’s raining
There’s no rhyme 
There’s no reason 

Why do I miss you?
Over coffee 
When I gossip 
There’s no rhyme
There’s no reason 

Tell me why
Tell me why
I do miss you
Your soft, gentle
Your eyes, your lips
So delicious 

Here I sit
Why do I miss you?
Amore mio 
There’s no rhyme 
There’s no reason


I am not enamoured
Of hospitals, syringes, medicines
Or stinging
Or of the smell of disinfectant
On wounds slowly healing

I am not enamoured
Of you fucking cancer
As you slowly
The father
Of my children

I am not enamoured
Of you fucking cancer
As you stealthily attempt
To take me away
From my children

I am enamoured
Of laughter
Of loving, of living
Dancing, prancing, kissing
Cuddling, hugging, thinking
Smooching, running, writing

I’m not enamoured
Of you
Fucking cancer

I am enamoured of
Sandy toes, tangled hair
The smell of sea air
The sound of waves
The taste of salty kisses

I am enamoured of skies
The rumble of thunder
The flashes of lighting
The giggles of children

I am enamoured of chatter
Natter, gossip, friendship
Of a hot cuppa
Of companionship

I’m enamoured of my life
And you fucking cancer
Cannot defeat me

Little boxes

In a world of expectations
Where life is stored
In little square boxes
Get out of your bed of paradoxes
And allow yourself to be
Beautifully imperfect

That’s what we are made of
Imperfectly beautiful
We do not fit
in life’s
Little square boxes

Let me be the curves
That defy
The conventions
Of your perfectly straight life

In my world of tight deadlines
I will allow you
To be
The creature
Of fluid tempo

May the mirrors of our souls
All our imperfections
For life’s paradoxes
Do not fit
In perfectly squared
Little boxes

Don’t tell me how to love

For I have loved before
I have learned
Love has many forms
Many tastes
Many shapes
Many ends

Don’t tell me how to love
Love is magnetic 
Life-force generating

Don’t tell me how to love
The scars in my heart 
Make it fragile
My heart which is bleeding 
Hold it kindly
As it’s healing

Don’t tell my heart
Who to love
It has seen many storms
Many rainbows 
The sun rise
The sun setting 
So it knows that this love
Is not eternal 

Don’t tell me how to love
’cause you might meet
Not my understanding mind
But my incandescent ire

And I will love
With passion 
Red hot desire
Forbidden, illicit?
Who are you to enquire?


I need space?
Space to read
Space to laugh
Space to breath
Space to dance

I need space?
Or so they say
But when it comes
It’s cold
It’s grey

I need space?
Space, space, space
I don’t know
If I want it
But so it seems
I must
Abide it

I need space?
To toil?
To think?
To waste?
To expand?
To dream?
To swim?
To cook?
To bath?

I need space?
But it is lonely
Without you

I need the space
Right here
Holding hands
Standing tall
Besides you

When you look at me 

When you look at me

Tell me what do you see when you look at me?
Do you see my skin, my scars, my beauty
Or do you see
A woman who has loved,
who has hurt, who has lived?
Without regrets, without resentment

Or do you see
The shape of my legs,
the width of my hips?
Tell me what do you see?
When you look at me

Do you see my hands
that have toiled, created, caressed?
Or do you see my mind
Troubled, agile, bereft
Tell me what do you see?
When you look at me

Do you see the child bearing body
Or do you see my heart
Expanding, accommodating, loving
Tell me who do you see?
When you look at me