I’m a zebra

Severe fatigue for me means that I wake up in the morning feeling as if I am drunk. Now if you don't know me you would probably assume that I've been on the bottle and therefore shouldn't be complaining about the side effects of indulging in a drink too many; however the truth is that I hardly ever drink.

The route

So here's the route for 10 Miles for Neuroendocrine Cancer. There are three versions: A static version, which is simply as screenshot of the route A dynamic version, with many thanks to MapMyRun© And a step by step description of the route   Static version You might be able to right click and save the … Continue reading The route

10 Miles For Neuroendocrine Cancer

10 November is Neuroendocrine Cancer Day and to mark it I will be running ten miles between my two local hospitals dressed in zebra print

Surviving surgery 

I’m battered and bruised, in a lot of pain, with more wounds than I care to count. But I’m happy to be home, in my own room, bed and clothes (no more hospital gowns)...

My cancer diagnosis

On 6 October 2015 I was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs) a cancer in the small intestine with metastasis in the liver and lymph nodes.

When lightning strikes…twice!

So you know what they say, "lightning doesn't strike twice..." Well, it's a lie, or should I say a myth? I was born in Venezuela where, by the Catatumbo river, lightning strikes not just twice but up to 280 times an hour... You don't believe me? Read all about it and watch the spectacle. So … Continue reading When lightning strikes…twice!