Surviving surgery 

I’m battered and bruised, in a lot of pain, with more wounds than I care to count. But I’m happy to be home, in my own room, bed and clothes (no more hospital gowns)...

Running for survival

Realising that cancer has no qualms in attacking the body, destroying the soul, testing relationships and distorting all that resembles normality, I decided to run for survival...

My cancer diagnosis

On 6 October 2015 I was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumours (NETs) a cancer in the small intestine with metastasis in the liver and lymph nodes.

The melon baller 

I recently had to explain to a family member how this grief thing feels. I'm a visual person, I tend to explain myself with images. So I said, this grief thing feels as if someone has found a giant melon baller in the back of the kitchen drawer and have set about making balls out … Continue reading The melon baller 

Stretch marks and belly buttons 

Yesterday I was told that I will be undergoing a bowel and liver re-section on Friday 27 May. Hearing this has brought a mixture of emotions, mostly terror and apprehension. Don't get me wrong, I'm very keen for this cancer to be whipped out of me really fast. The sooner the better. It's invading my body, … Continue reading Stretch marks and belly buttons 

When lightning strikes…twice!

So you know what they say, "lightning doesn't strike twice..." Well, it's a lie, or should I say a myth? I was born in Venezuela where, by the Catatumbo river, lightning strikes not just twice but up to 280 times an hour... You don't believe me? Read all about it and watch the spectacle. So … Continue reading When lightning strikes…twice!