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Writers block sometimes feels as if your brain is swimming in thick murky fog


Unexpected, unsolicited, relentless…

I wrote this post on 29 January 2017, but never published it, it was too raw, too difficult for me to read back, let alone to allow it to be read by people out there in the ether of the online world.  I have done a lot of personal healing and growing since this very bleak day earlier this year, so now I feel I am ready to let it go and allow others to see the raw emotions that made me write it in the first place.


How do we know certainty? How do we know what is real? Poetry to get you thinking...


Have you woken up to a truth you didn’t want to believe?


Sometimes in life the light at the end of the tunnel guides you, sometimes it blinds you...

Trust these hands 

Learning to trust one’s heart once again, not an easy endeavour