Causes I support

Forest Holme Hospice

img_4855-2My husband Michael spent the last 24 days of his life at Forest Holme Hospice. During that time nurses, doctors and staff looked after him and our family with kindness and compassion, making us feel at home and providing us with all the support we needed.

Their work did not start when my husband was admitted though; they had been providing us with support from the moment we were told that treatment was no longer having an effect and Michael was going to die.

Their support did not stop when Michael died either, they continue to support our family whilst we adjust to life without him.

I will continue to raise the profile of the hospice at every opportunity I have.

NET Patient Foundation

The NET Patient Foundation is the only charity in the UK & Ireland dedicated to providing support and information to people affected by neuroendocrine cancers.

I am a NET Cancer patient, and in the early days of diagnosis I found the information and support they provide invaluable. 

Poole Hospital Charity

imageFrom the moment Michael was diagnosed with cancer, I knew I wanted to do something to support the nurses, doctors and staff at the Dorset Cancer Centre in Poole Hospital.

Since 2013, I have ran, cycled, swimmed, baked, danced to raise money for the Centre. I am now also a cancer patient, so I intend to continue fundraising and promoting the charity at every opportunity I have.

WAY Widowed and Young

When Michael died I was 43 years old; I felt “too young to be widowed”, so I did what most people my age do, I googled it. Up it came top result, WAY.

After reading the introduction page, I did not hesitate in joining this organisation which has been a lifesaver. I have met people who are aged under 50 and grieving the loss of a partner, whether they were married or not, in a heterosexual or same sex relationship, with or without children. The main thing in common is that we have found ourselves feeling the pain of losing our life’s partner.