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I am glad you have found your way to my blog.

This blog started as a way for me to vent some of the emotions I have felt following the death, from cancer, of my beloved Michael.  He was ill from April 2013 till January 2015, 33 months exactly.

During that time cancer did many things to his body, his soul and our relationship.  I will be exploring some of those things through my writing.

Naively, after he was told the cancer was not responding to treatment, I believed that following his death, cancer would be out of my life forever.  Little did I know what awaited for me; in the last three months of his life I was also diagnosed with cancer.  Life is cruel, isn’t it?

But I still refuse to get mad at cancer.  I will not allow the allien invader this luxury. Because cancer has a habit of wanting to not just mess up with our bodies, but also with our minds, our relationships and our ability to generally function within the parameters of what we call normal.

I hope that through my writings I can honour his memory, expunge some of the most negative emotions from my soul and perhaps help others affected by cancer or the death of a loved one.

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