Don’t tell me how to love

For I have loved before
I have learned
Love has many forms
Many tastes
Many shapes
Many ends

Don’t tell me how to love
Love is magnetic 
Life-force generating

Don’t tell me how to love
The scars in my heart 
Make it fragile
My heart which is bleeding 
Hold it kindly
As it’s healing

Don’t tell my heart
Who to love
It has seen many storms
Many rainbows 
The sun rise
The sun setting 
So it knows that this love
Is not eternal 

Don’t tell me how to love
’cause you might meet
Not my understanding mind
But my incandescent ire

And I will love
With passion 
Red hot desire
Forbidden, illicit?
Who are you to enquire?

2 thoughts on “Don’t tell me how to love

  1. Hi Marbelleys!!!

    I have read all of you sendings and I thank you for saying, for letting out. But those poems are, for me, saying you are living your life in a different way. Away with more serenity. Maybe I translate wrong the feelings behind your writings, but this is what I feel about it when I read you. I hope I am right. It is time for you and the family to feel more and more joy every day. This is my wish for you, Andrea, Lucas and Juliet.

    I believe that oneself is the only person to really know what one needs, feels.

    Only good memories from Lac Bernard with you guys.

    xx manon


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