Twelve months 

Twelve months have passed since you, my love, took your last breath. I thought in my naivety that, because I’d known for a long time that you were going to die, I was ready to face life without you. How wrong!
You brought light into my life, you always had laughter on your face and there hasn’t been a day since your dying that I haven’t thought about you, missed your hugs and wished that I would be granted another minute with you just to hear your voice.

So many unrealised dreams and plans, so many hopes dashed in one cruel moment.
You would be so proud of your beautiful children my darling, they’re honouring your life and your memory by being funny, kind and sensitive souls. Seeing them grow without you here to share my pride leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and my heart. So many milestones you will not get to see, I can’t bear this thought.
I thought I had cried enough tears and yet my heart is so broken and in pain that I can’t do no better but cry. I love you…

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