The route

So here’s the route for 10 Miles for Neuroendocrine Cancer.

There are three versions:


Static version

You might be able to right click and save the image to your device or print it

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 22.06.06

Dynamic version

I used MapMyRun© to create the route and thankfully they provide the code to embed a link on this page. Click here to view it

Step by step description

If you want to cheer me on, or join me for a section of the run this is probably your best option.  I will be running at around 10:30 min/mile pace (or 6:30 min/km) or slower at times.
0 mi Head east
0.02 mi Turn right
0.06 mi Enter the roundabout
0.06 mi Head southwest on Deansleigh Rd toward Castle Ln E/A3060
0.14 mi Continue onto Chaseside
0.14 mi Head southwest on Chaseside
0.2 mi Enter the roundabout
0.21 mi Head southwest toward Chaseside
0.22 mi Exit the roundabout onto Chaseside
0.42 mi Head southwest on Chaseside toward Cowell Dr
0.43 mi Turn left onto Cowell Dr
0.44 mi Turn right Destination will be on the left
0.46 mi Head southwest
0.71 mi Head southwest toward Harewood Ave
1.12 mi Head southwest toward King’s Park Dr
1.47 mi Head southwest toward Ashley Rd/A3049
1.48 mi Turn left onto Ashley Rd/A3049
1.64 mi Turn right onto Tower Rd
1.65 mi Head west on Tower Rd toward Barham Cl
1.79 mi Turn left onto Palmerston Rd
1.85 mi Turn right onto Borthwick Rd
1.85 mi Head southwest on Borthwick Rd toward Churchill Rd
1.97 mi Head southwest on Borthwick Rd toward Walpole Rd
1.98 mi Turn left onto Walpole Rd
2.04 mi Turn right onto Carysfort Rd
2.15 mi Head southeast on Hamilton Rd toward Christchurch Rd/A35
2.31 mi Turn right onto Christchurch Rd/A35
2.45 mi Head southwest on Christchurch Rd/A35
2.45 mi Turn left
2.55 mi Head southeast
2.74 mi Sharp right
2.75 mi Head east
2.8 mi At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Undercliff Dr
2.83 mi Head southwest on Undercliff Dr toward Toft Zig Zag
3.38 mi Head west on Undercliff Dr toward E Cliff Zig Zag
4.26 mi Head west toward W Undercliff Promenade
4.27 mi Turn right at W Undercliff Promenade
4.27 mi Turn left toward St Michael’s Rd
4.57 mi Continue straight onto St Michael’s Rd
4.6 mi Head northwest on St Michael’s Rd toward W Hill Rd
4.6 mi Turn left onto W Hill Rd
4.63 mi Slight right
4.67 mi Head west
4.81 mi Head west
4.82 mi Turn right onto Durley Gardens
4.91 mi Turn left onto W Cliff Rd
4.92 mi Head west on W Cliff Rd toward Chine Cres
5.46 mi Head northwest on W Cliff Rd toward W Overcliff Dr
5.62 mi Turn left onto Alum Chine Rd
5.76 mi At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Western Rd
5.98 mi Head west on Western Rd toward The Avenue/B3065
5.99 mi Turn left onto The Avenue/B3065
6 mi Turn right onto Western Rd
6.3 mi Turn right
6.3 mi Head south toward Western Rd
6.31 mi Turn right at Western Rd
6.34 mi Turn right onto Leicester Rd
6.54 mi Head northwest on Leicester Rd toward Bury Rd
6.97 mi Turn left onto Canford Cliffs Rd
6.97 mi Head north on Canford Cliffs Rd toward Leicester Rd
6.97 mi Turn left onto Penn Hill Ave
7.56 mi Continue onto Woodside Rd
7.7 mi Turn right onto Sandecotes Rd
7.71 mi Head northwest on Sandecotes Rd toward Balmoral Rd
7.75 mi Turn left onto Balmoral Rd
7.86 mi Balmoral Rd turns slightly right and becomes Windsor Rd
7.88 mi Continue onto Osborne Rd
7.96 mi Head northwest toward Alton Rd
7.98 mi Continue onto Station Rd
8.22 mi Head northwest on Station Rd toward Commercial Rd/A35
8.23 mi Turn left onto Commercial Rd/A35 Continue to follow A35
8.74 mi Head southwest on Parkstone Rd/A35 toward Sandbanks Rd
8.76 mi Turn left onto Sandbanks Rd/A35
8.77 mi Turn right onto Parkstone Rd
8.79 mi Sharp left
8.82 mi Head northwest
8.83 mi Sharp left
9.03 mi Head southwest
9.3 mi Head southwest toward Kingland Rd
9.45 mi Slight right onto Kingland Rd
9.5 mi Enter the roundabout
9.5 mi Head northeast on Mount Pleasant Rd toward Seldown
9.55 mi Slight left to stay on Mount Pleasant Rd
9.56 mi Continue onto Seldown Rd
9.64 mi Head northeast on Seldown Rd toward Parkstone Rd
9.69 mi Turn left onto Parkstone Rd
9.79 mi Head west on Elizabeth Rd/B3068 toward B3068
9.83 mi Turn left onto Elizabeth Rd
9.84 mi Head north on High St N/B3068 toward Shaftesbury Rd Continue to follow B3068
10.01 mi FINISH (approx 13:00) – POOLE HOSPITAL

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