Runner’s envy


Another year of the London Marathon and as I watched on TV and tracked my running friends online I felt what is known as ‘runner’s envy’.

Searching the internet I couldn’t find an official definition for runner’s envy, so I am going to describe it as:

The desire or longing felt by runners when witnessing other runners compete in a race they themselves can’t take part in, either due to injury or through lack of securing a place.

I’m sure runner’s envy is not limited to the circumstances I’ve described here, however that is the type of feeling I experienced today.

On the other hand my runner’s envy was quickly satiated by watching the following newsworthy episodes:

  • Jemima Sumgong falling and eventually winning the women’s race
  • Kipchoge missing the world record by 8 seconds
  • Aly Dixon, Sonia Samuels, Callum Hawkins and Tsegay Tewelde qualifying for GB Team and Rio 2016

And of course as I write this post there will be many out there still running their marathon, with extraordinary stories to tell, raising millions of pounds for charity.

Maybe it will be my turn to do so next year; here’s to runner’s envy.

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